Rent Smart Wales was introduced on 23rd November 2015 to administer the requirements for landlord registration and agent and landlord licensing under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

Cardiff County Council have been nominated as the Licensing Authority, who work with local authorities to carry out their functions under the Act. Local authorities for each area may lead enforcement action against those landlords and agents not complying with their legal obligations on behalf of the Licensing Authority.

If you are a Landlord in Wales then you will need to make sure that your properties are registered. You can do this via Rent Smart Wales’ website by creating a personal user account.

You will then need to obtain a Licence if you are responsible for managing your properties. You may also need to complete a training course in order to qualify for your licence. If you have engaged Philip Evans Estates to fully manage your property on your behalf, you will not need to apply for a Licence.

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A landlord who currently manages their property may choose not to apply for a license, but must therefore use a licensed agent to undertake ‘management activities’, instead.  If you choose this option you would surrender the right to manage your rented property as the licensed agent would have to do this on your behalf.

Any failure to comply with Rent Smart Wales regulations may result in prosecution. You may also face one of the following penalties:

  1. a fixed penalty notice giving you the option to pay a fixed penalty fee of £150 or £250 (depending on the offence) rather than having a conviction;
  2. a rent stopping order (RSO) – stopping rent being paid by the tenant for a period; or
  3. a rent repayment order (RRO) – requiring you to repay any rent/ housing benefit or universal credit received for a period.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of our lettings and management staff and they will be happy to assist.

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